Griottine's® Terrines & Foies Gras


Griottine's® Terrines are unique artisan products, made using outstanding raw materials by our Chef, winner of the Best Cook in France prize, in an ultra-modern certified laboratory:

artisan preparation: knife-cut meats, hand-prepared terrines with no automated processes.

rigorously selected ingredients:
- meats of French origin taken exclusively from the highest-quality cuts: Franche-Comté pork, Vosges quail fillets, duck fillets and foie gras, guinea-fowl, rabbit, etc.;
- top-quality ingredients: Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée cream, etc.;
- the most renowned spirit brands: Cointreau®, Rémy Martin® Fine Champagne Cognac, Kirsch de Fougerolles A.O.C., Vieille Prune, etc.
Our products contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

François Lachaux, winner of the Best Cook in France prize, has devised and produced these recipes inspired by French gourmet cuisine, assisted by his wife, Marie-Christine.

a hygiene approval certificate (FR 70 245 041 CE) certifies that the laboratory complies with the most stringent standards specified by the French government: controlled temperature and atmosphere laboratory, pristine equipment, highly qualified personnel, traceability of raw materials, etc.
120 ml / 85 g
236 ml / 185 g
“Terrine de campagne“ code 1869 code 1870
Chicken liver code 310 code 687
Franche-Comté pork with Kirsch de Fougerolles code 358 code 688
Rabbit with cranberries code 359 code 689
Duck with orange and Cointreau® code 360 code 690
Duck with Griottines® code 361 code 691
Deer with Peureux Cassis ®   code 1544 code 1545
Guinea-fowl with Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC code 1002 code 1001
Vosges quail code 362 code 693
80 g
175 g
Duck foie gras with Rémy Martin® cognac code 918 code 856
Preserved quail legs     425 ml / 200 g code 698


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